Ed Goodger Ed Goodger Creative & Art Director
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Over the festive period blood donations drop by 20%. Wieden+Kennedy wanted to tackle this by raising awareness and encouraging their employees, clients, and Shoreditch passers-by to donate.

A Christmas tree was installed into their London office window, made entirely out of plastic tubing that was slowly flowing with 'blood'. The tree was connected to a blood bag, that asked people to text in their postcode's and help pump life into Christmas.

When a postcode was texted in, the blood bag would drain into the tree, giving it more life. LED lights flowed quickly around the branches and a Christmas jingle would be heard. The sender of the text would then receive a personalised message back that showed them all of the donation centres in their local area for the month, with an option to book an appointment.

To kickstart blood donations within the agency we set up a 'Pint for a Pint' scheme to help encourage some of Wieden+Kenndy's employees to donate. For every pint of blood that was donated they would receive a free pint from the local pub at the end of the month.